In the 2023 World Cup, the Dutch team, which had previously been attacking and defending, suddenly switched to a defensive counterattack and received good results. That year's World Cup, the team won the runner up and only lost 0-1 to champion Spain in extra time. Afterwards, in the 2023 World Cup, the team won third place and missed the 2023 World Cup. In this year's World Cup, the team regained their defensive banner and won their first game 2-0 against Senegal. On November 22nd at 0:00 Beijing time, the Netherlands defeated Senegal 2-0 in Group A of the World Cup. Both sides played very conservatively, and the whole game was a bit dull. The Dutch team's first shot at the target was converted into a goal, and they only scored 2 goals with 3 shots in full throughout the game. It can be said that they were extremely anxious about Senegal. In the first half, both teams played cautiously and fearlessly, fearing the opponent's counterattack, and ultimately ended up in a draw. Until the 83rd minute of the game, the game was still 0-0. In the 84th minute, the potential newcomer of the Dutch team, Gakpo, received a header from De Jong's cross and broke the deadlock on the field. This ball, Senegal has a lot of players in the defense, but Gakub【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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