On November 21st at 21:00 Beijing time, in the first round of Group B of this World Cup, England faced Iran, with a score of 3-0 in the first half. Bellingham, Sacca, and Sterling scored in turn. The two teams have a physical confrontation, and England has a clear advantage. In the 8th minute of the game, Iranian goalkeeper Belawande launched an attack and head-on with Hosseini. Belawande appeared to have a concussion and the team doctor came in for treatment. The game didn't start again until the 16th minute, and Iran was preparing to change the goalkeeper midway, but Belanwande insisted on giving it a try. However, the game only resumed for 30 seconds, and Belawande signaled that he could not insist on actively requesting a change of goalkeeper before lying on the ground. Belawande was carried out on a stretcher. Afterwards, England's attack was fierce. In the 35th minute of the game, Luke Shaw crossed from the left and Bellingham headed the ball from 8 yards into the upper right corner, giving England a 1-0 lead. In the 43rd minute of the game, Luke Shaw took a left corner kick, Maguire headed the ball over, and the undefended Saka volleyed from 16 yards with his left foot into the upper right corner, sending England 2-0 to Iran. In the first minute of stoppage time in the first half, Bellingham passed the ball, Kane broke through from the right and made a cross. Sterling, who was defenseless, scored from 8 yards and England scored 3-0 against Iran. In the 62nd minute of the second half, Saka's left footed volley in the penalty area completed a double shot, leading England 4-0 ahead of Iran. Afterwards, England was a bit lax, and Iran seized a not very good opportunity. With a clever pass, Taremi wrapped around and shot without stopping. Iran saved the ball and the score was 1-4. Afterwards, England switched players and just came on the field. Rushford, who had not even sweated, received a pass from Kane. After a fake shot and a real dunk, he scored the ball, and England scored 5-1. In the 90th minute of the game, Gralish scored another goal and England took the lead 6-1. However, the game is not over yet. In the 12th minute of injury time, Iran filed a complaint against Englis【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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