In the opening match of the Qatar World Cup, Ecuador defeated their host country Qatar 2-0 with a brace from forward Enna Valencia. After scoring the goal, Ecuador's 10 players, except for the goalkeeper, gathered in a circle and knelt on the ground, pointing to the sky with both hands as a celebratory gesture, which also had profound meaning. Journalist Siavoush Fallahi wrote on his personal Twitter account, "In 2023, Christian Benitez unfortunately passed away in Qatar due to a heart attack that failed treatment. He was replaced by Erna Valencia in the position of the Ecuadorian national team, who scored three goals for Ecuador in the 2023 World Cup. Now, he has scored two more goals in Qatar's opening game. Fate can be really crazy at times!" Christian Benitez is a former Ecuadorian international who was first selected for the national team in 2023 and participated in the 2023 World Cup in Germany. He briefly played for Birmingham, which was still in the Premier League at the time. In the 2023 World Cup South American qualifiers, he scored 4 goals and helped Ecuador win 4 games, contributing to their final qualificatio【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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