In the 12th round of the Premier League, Liverpool will face West Ham United. During the pre match press conference, Klopp confirmed that Jota will miss the World Cup. Klopp: "The news we have about Jota is not very good. He will be absent from the World Cup due to a serious calf muscle injury. This is very sad news for both us and Portugal." This is a huge impact, he will be injured for a long time, and we will discuss it for about a few months. I don't want to say the exact number, but it will be quite a long time, "Klopp said, If the tower does not require i【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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