Source: Lego Match highlights England as the birthplace of modern football, with many football related histories. There are more than 90 professional clubs in existence. Which team has the longest history among the more than 90 clubs? Is it Manchester United? Is it Liverpool? Or Arsenal? Actually, it's not these well-known luxury teams, but the current mid level English Premier League team Crystal Palace! Prior to this, it was believed that Notts County was the oldest surviving English team, with officials stating that the team was founded in 1862 and began participating in matches in 1864. However, recent research by writer Peter Manning has found that Crystal Palace should be the earliest club in the world to still play professional football. Although our fans believe that Crystal Palace Club was founded in 1905, in reality, the Crystal Palace football team existed as early as 1861. The story of Crystal Palace begins with the establishment of the Crystal Palace Company - the cast iron and glass company Crystal Palace was founded in 1852, and moved from Hyde Park to West Durham, South London after the World's Fair. The Crystal Palace in West Denam is the world's first large-scale theme park, covering an area of 200 acres. As part of the business plan of Crystal Palace Company, they began using a cricket field in 1857, and Crystal Palace Club began to take shape. Thomas Farquhar, the chairman of Crystal Palace Company, was also the first chairman of Crystal Palace Club. In the Victorian era, English cricket players would play football in winter to maintain their physical fitness. Therefore, crystal palace cricket players established their own football team in 1861. The color of the jersey is blue and white, and the first recorded game was against Forest FC on March 15, 1862. In 1863, the English Football Association was established, and Crystal Palace cricket player Frank Day participated in the association's inauguration ceremony. Crystal Palace is one of the founding members and one of the core clubs that helps the Football Association update football rules. It has sent the most representatives in the six founding meetings among the clubs. Crystal Palace team history event 1861- Crystal Palace established 1862- Played its first game on March 15 1863- Became one of the founding clubs of the English Football Association 1871/72- Participated in the FA Cup and reached the semi-finals 1875/76- No more matches recorded 1895- The game resumed, but the club remained amateur in nature 1901/02- Abandoned amateur status, Starting to strive to become a professional club in 1905- becoming the champion of a professional football club. The 90/91 season was the most successful season in the history of Crystal Palace Club. They not only won the Premier League championship at that time, but also defeated Everton in the ZDS Cup final at Wembley, successfully winning the trophy. From 1998 to 2001, the famous Chinese player Fan Zhiyi joined the Crystal Palace team in League One and became the Player of the Year of that year, serving as the captain of the Crystal Palace team. In fact, at that time, Fan Zhiyi fully possessed the strength of a key player in the Premier League. In January 2023, Fan Zhiyi helped his Crystal Palace team defeat Liverpool in the League Cup, and both Liverpool and Newcastle Football Club provided Fan Zhiyi with quotes. But both teams have a premise, which is to limit Fan Zhiyi's time in the national team and not affect the league too much. After much hesitation, in order to play for his country, Fan Zhiyi ultimately rejected the olive branches of both teams, gave up the opportunity to compete in the Premier League, and stayed at Crystal Palace until the end of the season when he returned home. In the 2023-10 season of the league elevator, Crystal Palace, which was still in the English Championship at the time, was taken over due to financial issues and was deducted 10%. In the end, it ranked fourth from the bottom and only managed to secure a spot in the Championship. But in the 2023-13 season, Crystal Palace finished fifth in the English Championship and could participate in the promotion playoffs, ultimately winning and advancing to the Premier League. In the 2023-14 season, Crystal Palace, who returned to play in the Premier League, achieved 11th place, not only successfully securing their Premier League spot, but also the highest Premier League ranking in the team's history. In the 2023-15 season, Crystal Palace continued to fight for relegation in the middle of the season. Subsequently, the team successfully recruited Newcastle United manager Bruce as the new manager, which not only helped Crystal Palace avoid relegation earlier, but also achieved tenth place in the league, surpassing last season's record and achieving the highest Premier League ranking in club history. The journey of the new Premier League season: Crystal Palace had a poor start to the season, losing 0-2 to their London rivals Arsenal in the opening game. Fortunately, in the following game, they drew 1-1 at home with the powerhouse Liverpool. The games at Crystal Palace followed closely with small draws, such as 1-1 at Brentford and 0-0 at Newcastle. Since the new season, the team's star player Zaha has still performed well, contributing 4 goals and 1 assist. At present, Crystal Palace is ranked 13th in the Premier League standings with 2 wins, 4 draws, and 3 losses, and is an old mid table team in the Premier League. At 3:15 am Beijing time on October 19th, the Crystal Palace will be locate【Chinese Lottery, Philippine Lottery, Chess and Card Entertainment, Macau Lottery, Blackjack Poker, Part time Money Making, Football Betting, Basketball Betting, Football News, Football Network, World Cup, European Cu】

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